I have worked in my own private clinic now clinic since 2007 where I treat a wide range of psychological problems, ranging from pain and stress management to supervision, debriefing and emergency crisis help in a larger and smaller context in Denmark and abroad..

I also run courses and give lectures on mindfulness and the mind/body connection viewed from a scientific perspective.

I have a valuable working relationship with doctors, most Danish insurance companies, schools and local councils in Horsens and Djursland.

I often find my English background useful when treating clients with English as first or second language and with Danish clients who sometimes find it more beneficial to speak English in therapy sessions.

I also hold sessions over the Internet (eg. Skype) with clients in other countries.


My path to becoming a psychologist has been a developmental and seasoning process over many years, which has taken the form of an interaction between theory and practice. Studies of anthropology and psychology at Århus University and supplementary courses in therapeutic practice after graduation on the one side and on the other side working professionally with alcoholics, drug abusers, criminals, handicapped, refugees, children in Child Institutions, homeless and socially disadvantaged people. This work has been in Local Council institutions and projects and as a teacher in a Danish Folk High School.


From the age of 15 I worked as a carpenter building boats, and musical keyboard instruments. Additionally I worked as a hot air balloon builder for 1 year. I have a 3-year education in photography from England and worked as a photographer until I was 30.

 I came to Denmark in 1983 aged 26 at which stage I began to work towards becoming a psychologist.

I find my practical background a very useful complement to my psychology background as it helps in understanding and relating to clients lives and problems and gives a strong down to earth integration between theoretical knowledge and practical experience. This practical approach to psychology also helps children and adults to feel safe and to relax into the process of therapy. Additionally it helps in keeping the language down to earth and concepts simple and practically useable.


My experience as a teacher with both well functioning and disadvantaged people helps in communicating psychological knowledge and in coping with strong negative emotions and feelings in a down to earth way.


I keep up to date with the newest research in psychology and mind/body connection through scientific journals, books, courses and seminars. I have a special interest in the following areas: Anger management, Short Term Dynamic Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Existential Therapy, Crisis Therapy, Emotional Phobia, Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness, mind-body connection, the influence of breathing on thoughts, emotions and feelings.